About us

Force Fiction AB started 2008 after a Thesis project called “Power Assisted Wheelchair” at Halmstad´s High School.
Ulf Holmberg, professor in standard technology, read about a child who got caught in a motorized safe door in Japan and how a door was made which would feel if something came in the way.
- We thought why not use the same principle for a wheelchair? Said Daniel Petersson, then a student taking the Electronic Engineering Master’s program specializing in embedded systems.

Force Fiction is an innovative technology company which through advanced control strengthens a person’s force, with help of a motor. This makes a better quality of life to people who need help with transportation in some way.
The latest years mainly worked with power assistance within health technology, together with, among others, ArjoHuntleigh AB
(part of the Getinge Group).

To broaden the usage area for this “boundless technology” we have under 2014 launched an electrical bicycle kit “Force Bike Kit”.  Power assistance in the Force Bike Kit lies in a unique scorecard that senses which power assistance is needed without having to push any buttons. You do not need a gearbox to maneuver. Biking is made fun and easy with the smooth gearless technic. More information is here www.forcebike.se.

The kit is easy to add to a bicycle due to the new technic. The scorecard collects driver information from the hub motor, no extra cables are needed to the sensors which are attached to the pedals and hand breaks. Force Fiction AB has developed the unique technology in the scorecard.

Business Plan

Force Fiction offers a technical development of power assistance to any object. With a broad and high quality of competence, Force Fiction will be the first choice within power assistance.


Force Fiction vision is to be the market leader within all development of power assistance, where own strength is strengthened under transportation and movement.


“Our Power – Your strength!”